Old Route 8

We're now in Tennessee. See below for a list of local stores that now carry Old Route 8. Availability is limited and changes daily, so please visit or contact store directly for the most accurate inventory.

Old Route 8
City Store Name
Chattanooga Eagle Liquor
Chattanooga Red Hot Liquors
Knoxville Dixie Lee Wines and Liquors
Knoxville Liquor Barn
Knoxville McScrooge's Wine & Spirits
Knoxville Cristy’s
Knoxville Oak Ridge Package Store
Nashville CNG Wine & Spirits
Nashville Old Fort Liquor
Nashville Gateway Wine and Spirits
Nashville Midtown Cork Dorks
Nashville Discount (CV-Jefferson) Cookeville
Nashville Franklin Wine and Spirit
Nashville Maryland Farms Wine and Spirits
Nashville Liquor Planet
Nashville Mr. Whiskers
Nashville Bypass Liquors
Nashville Center Point Liquors