The Home Stretch  <p>The Home Stretch </p>

Our distillery headquarters ready

for our first visitors fall of 2022

While Augusta remains a charming small town, it has big bourbon ambitions. To house our operations and our aspirations, we’ve acquired  a 40,000 square foot facility. This historical building that originally served as a carriage manufacturer will now headquarter the region’s premier bourbon distillery and event center.

Start-to-finish Our entire bourbon operation will be kept under one roof

Everything from grain milling, mashing and distilling to barreling, aging and bottling will be managed together to ensure the highest quality and the purest product.

Located just blocks from the river and city center, the Augusta Distillery will connect the town to tourism. With comprehensive tours, bourbon tastings, a full-service restaurant and gift shop, this location will provide a memorable stop for those spending the day or the weekend.


Sample, enjoy and appreciate fine bourbon created in the pure Kentucky tradition. Regular tastings hosted by Augusta’s master distillers will help you develop your palate and discern what great bourbon is all about.

Exclusive Tasting


Go beyond the basic ball room. Once complete, our full-service event center will host corporate events and private receptions right on the premises. Set in an unforgettable bourbon-rich environment, we will turn any occasion into an experience worth remembering. With ample parking, full technology and flexible venue space, we will accommodate groups up to 1,000 guests.

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